CASI for Young Champions

CASI is dedicated to promoting the cause and Knowledge of CSR & Sustainability. CASI is an Apex body in this field and has a two pronged agenda in order to achieve the core objective of promoting the causes.

The two actionables at CASI are

  1. Influencing every spectrum of the society through sharing best practices & knowledge of CSR & Sustainability. This is done through multiple activities: where members, credential holders and influencers work towards sharing best practices and consult on ensuring products and processes at corporates are intertwined with sustainability
  2. Promoting certifications on CSR & Sustainability across sections of the society.

At a grass root level, CASI conducts certification programs for school children. The idea is to ensure future citizens form a strong positive opinion on sustainable practices at an early age.

These are online exams leading to

  1. CASI Young Sustainability Champion certificate – Basic Level, and
  2. CASI Young Sustainability Champion certificate – Advanced Level

Students of class V to X have to pursue Basic and Advanced (in this order), While students of class XI & XII can directly enroll for Advanced level of this Certification. Having said that; they are encouraged to pursue the Basic Level too as this will strengthen their base.


These are on line certifications. Portion and other reading material will be sent on your email. There is a dual point of contact: the institute will designate a teacher / professor to coordinate the activities and the parents will be in the loop through emails.

CASI will provide training at the school / college in case more than 200 students are enrolled at the same time.