Management Team


CASI is supported by over 100 corporates and an equal number of educational institutes. CASI has a three tier system of management to ensure ethics, quality and continuation.

The Global Mentoring Board (GMB) is responsible for strategic decisions and cross country outreach program. Cross border alliances are also managed by the GMB. Furthering the cause of CSR & Sustainability across borders; through CASI certifications, regional chapters, free student chapters at education institutes and alliances are the KRA’s of the Global Mentoring Board.

CASI has planned over a hundred regional chapters. These chapters are managed by Honorary Regional Office Bearers. These are senior working professionals serving at CASI in a honorary capacity. There is a definite hierarchy at such regional chapters and a succession plan. These regional chapters are managed by Honorary Regional Directors and other Honorary Office bearers. Promoting the dual causes of CSR & Sustainability through certifications, setting up free student chapters and organizing and managing events is the KRA of regional directors and office bearers.

The CASI Secretariat manages the day to day operations and coordination.

CASI is the apex body dedicated to promoting research & education in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. CASI serves as the springboard for cutting edge research; provides a talent pool for industry, creates a distinct community to share best practices and serve as a platform for recruiters.  CASI leads the way in thought leadership.

CASI’s worldwide advocacy for CSR and sustainability is reinforced by our globally recognized standards and certification programs, extensive research programs, chapters and student communities of practice, and professional development opportunities.

A CASI Students Chapter is the grass root level representation and collaboration towards promoting the cause of sustainability. Institutes / Colleges / Universities and Schools are encouraged to form a chapter / council of students headed by a faculty to promote the knowledge and cause of CSR & sustainability. This gives corporates a chance to step on, display and further their commitment on CSR & sustainability. Such Student chapters are also an opportunity for corporates to understand the latest research on CSR / Sustainability from academicians.

A Regional Chapter is recognized by CASI as a virtual local constituent, with the objective to develop a platform and facilitate professionals to come together, meet, learn, and interact on the theme of sustainability and CSR.

A local chapter enables this, by organizing events and providing opportunities to its local community of professionals for Volunteering, Networking, and Building Knowledge.

The primary goal of CASI: to disseminate the knowledge of sustainability & CSR and to enable professionals from all walks of life to come together on a common platform: is profoundly supported by local chapters.

Regional Chapters play a very important role and manages key stake holders including CASI credential holders, academia, industry and community at large.  Finally, it’s all about empowering professionals with knowledge and skillsets to integrate sustainability within their business models.

We at CASI really appreciate the time and efforts expended by honorary mentors and honorary office bearers to further our mission

On behalf of the mentors, credential holders, directors and Secretariat, We once again urge you to reach out to our regional chapters and avail of our exceptional networking and learning opportunities.


Regional Chapters

List of Regional Directors & Office bearers at CSR & Sustainability Institute