The goal of CASI continuing education policy is to ensure all credential holders maintain an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency in the field of CSR, Sustainability and Accountability. CASI also pursues its goal of promoting knowledge and cause of CSR to the community members at large. Hence CASI website has a basic open membership free. While some features on the site and research material is reserved for premium memberships, basic research, networking and community development is encouraged through open and free communication and sharing of resources.


What is CASI membership?

CASI site members are broadly categorized in to five types. Memberships are categorized broadly on the basis of occupation and credentials. Please find details on the same mentioned below.


CASI membership implies that you are dedicated to the cause of CSR. Shows your seriousness towards sustainability and professional development. It highlights this commitment to peers, employers, colleagues, stakeholders and the community at large: thus giving you an edge in the job market.

It also provides an access to research; network and resources that help you improve and advance.

 Five types of Memberships

I) Basic: free

For people who wish to stay undated on CSR & Sustainability through CASI Research / Blog
Just log in and enjoy the privileges of a basic membership

II) Regular Plus: free

This is a free membership but offered only to members of:
a. Student Chapters
b. Regional Chapters
As members of student chapters and regional chapters these members get a mention of their activities on the CASI website and other material.
These members are encouraged to contribute case studies, research and other material for CASI members. These members are also encouraged to engage with companies for consulting on CSR & Sustainability.
These members are in touch with honorary CASI regional directors and other office bearers and have free / paid access to events, consulting, etc
Be a member of any regional chapter and / or student chapter to be a regular plus member

III) Premium

For CASI credential holders
Every credential holder of CASI is a premium member. Such memberships allow the credential holder to further their knowledge and network. This membership also enables the credential holder to contribute his case, compilation, research to CASI.
All Credential holders enjoy the benefits of a Premium membership, Enroll today for a certification.

IV) Corporate

To be launched

V) Academic Members

To be launched

CASI reserves right to members and admissions. These are virtual memberships and do not allow the use the CASI brand unless specifically permission has been granted. CASI reserves the rights to allow / disallow / publish any submitted material and decision taken by CASI management is final and binding.

Benefits of CASI Membership

As a CASI member, you gain exclusive access to our research, publications and networking options with our chapters and online communities of practice, and leadership as well as volunteer opportunities. You’ll also receive our professional development offerings.

CASI credential

A CASI credential holder is looked upon to. Corporates prefer CSR certified professionals and a CASI credential is one of the best ways to showcase your abilities and knowledge.


With senior professionals through website, regional chapters and student chapters


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