Mentoring Board

CaSI has a global mentoring board with members from over 25 countries. Please write to us at for a detailed list.

CASI has a three tier system of management to ensure ethics, quality and continuation.

Tier 1: The Global Mentoring Board (GMB) is responsible for strategic decisions & cross country outreach program. Furthering the cause of CSR & Sustainability across borders, cross border alliances and mentoring the Honorary Regional Directors is the KRA’s of the GMB.

Tier 2: The Honorary Regional Directors manage the day to day functioning of the Regional & Student Chapters. They also manage the events and research. Hon. RD’s are expected to deliver at-least 3 lectures per year free of cost at any college / school / club on CSR / Sustainability;

Tier3: The office of theSecretariat manages the day to day functioning, certifications & alliances